Small Businesses We Love

One2Run aren't experts at everything, but we do know lots of wonderful people who are experts in their fields. Looking for other services? Look no further than the businesses below! Click the image to head to their website. 

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Olivia Furner

Personal Trainer

Olivia is a Personal Trainer focussing on Online Training. She's a strength training, outdoor loving, travelling extraordinaire! We love Olivia's 12 week Run Strong Programme, the perfect strength training addition to any new running plan, ensuring your body remains pain free during your running journey. 

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Abi Boughton-Thomas

Life Coach

What better accompaniment to physical fitness that mental fitness? Abi is a Life Coach based in the Malvern Hills offering 121 coaching as well workshops in habit hacking and kick-starting projects.  We highly recommend Abi to anyone looking for a space for clarity and calm, and for those looking to achieve focus and drive both in life and in fitness. 

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Kate Winter

Holistic Therapist 

Kate is a Holistic Therapist based in Surrey. Kate offers a wide variety of therapies, including Reflexology, Aromatherapy Massage and Indian Head Massage. If you interested in looking after your holistic wellbeing, or your running feet need a little R&R, get in touch! 

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The Body Confident Project

Harriet Morris, Eating Coach

Dead set against unrealistic standards and pressure from diet culture and the beauty industry, we're massive fans of the Body Confident Project from Harriet Morris. Your body is amazing, whether you're 10st or 20st, can run 5 minutes or 50 minutes. If you're letting your self esteem issues hold you back from life itself, consider taking part in her 30 day project and begin your journey to self-love. 

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Brooks Running

Running Apparrel

While not a small business, Brooks offer an online 'Shoe Finder' tool which is perfect for finding the right running trainers in lockdown life. They also champion the RunHappy hashtag, advocating the idea that the most important thing is experiencing the joy and energy that running sets free!